Running in Manhattan

Manhattan is a city that you can live in for 100 years and still not see everything. Running here is much the same way. As my feet pound on the sidewalk alongside the Hudson River, I can remember the many trails I have explored throughout the metropolis. There are a few, in particular, that have stood out to me though. From Central Park to the Hudson River to the Five Bridges, here is a curated list of the finest running paths in the city:

Hudson River Run.png

Hudson River Run (8.91 miles)

While running paths in Central Park are generally the first to spring to mind for someone less familiar with the city, the Hudson River Park also offers equally stunning options with fantastic views of sunsets and shimmering waters. Very popular among pedestrians, runners, and cyclists for good reason, the wide path allows you to maneuver around hoards of people with ease. Not to mention, it takes you by some of New York’s most recognizable landmarks (the Statue of Liberty, Chelsea Piers, USS Intrepid, art installations, and the George Washington Bridge). Sweat and sightsee all at the same time, not a bad deal.

5 Bridges.png

Five Bridges Run (16.67 miles)

Traverse the boroughs on your own two feet as you cross the 59th St. Bridge, the Pulaski Bridge, the Williamsburg Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge, and (of course) the Brooklyn Bridge. Although this route is reserved for more seasoned runners (considering it is quite long, 16 miles in fact), it provides an excellent opportunity to change things up and see sights you usually wouldn’t encounter. On a Sunday morning, there are few things better than island hopping across New York City.
East River Run.png

East River Run (16.07 miles)

With unbelievable waterfront views of Manhattan, Hell’s Gate Bridge, Astoria, and Queensboro Bridge, this route is a fantastic chance to explore the city along a relatively unbeaten path. Even though it delves a little deeper into the city than most running trails, it avoids most of the cumbersome foot traffic that is so prevalent in the metropolis. There are also bathrooms and water fountains on Randall’s Island that you can use during a brief rest.

Central Park Ramble.png

Central Park Ramble (6.68 miles)

What would a list of running routes in Manhattan be without including Central Park? Although it doesn’t boast quite the same waterfront views as the East River and Five Bridges runs, it is significantly easier, shorter, and more apt for beginners. Plus, it does have some amazing views of the city’s most famous park. This trail will take you along the lakes in the park in addition to some of the outer rim in order to ensure you see the majority of the landscape while working up a sweat. When jogging by lush lawns and diverse trees in the summer, the monotony of running fades to the back of your mind, letting you push yourself to the absolute limit.

Well, I hope you are able to enjoy these running paths as much as I have been able to in the past. I have named the most well-known paths above but I am on a hunt for secret beauties so if there is a running path that you would like to share with me please don’t hesitate to send me a note!


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