Alexi Harding Golden Rules for Golden Years: Staying Fit in Old Age

Golden Rules for Golden Years: Staying Fit in Old Age

It is important to learn and practice a healthy lifestyle from a young age. Unfortunately, particularly in America, people are surrounded by large and flashy advertisements for unhealthy food and sedentary lifestyles. This can easily lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. However, for those of you who have fallen victim to the habits of an unhealthy lifestyle and want to learn how to get in shape, or for those who simply want to stay in shape as you advance in years, here are a few tips.


Don’t Believe the Myths

One of the most common myths surrounding old age is that, once you reach a certain age, you are effectively damaged goods. You’re far too old to begin that healthy lifestyle, and you will more than likely develop multiple chronic diseases. Probably the most important tip to remember is that this is completely untrue. The human body is far more durable than we give it credit for. Even in your 60s and 70s you can change your diet and become active and healthy. Cycling, walking, running, jogging, weight lifting, it’s all possible in your golden years. Don’t believe the rumors.


Keep Your Mind Active

We tend to attribute fitness and healthy lifestyles exclusively with physicality. However, one of the most important muscles you can exercise is your brain, especially in old age. Alzheimer’s and dementia are terrible neurodegenerative diseases that can wreak havoc on the body and our loved ones. There are many things you can do to keep your brain active and alert; some of the most popular activities include reading, learning new facts or things, and playing games or solving puzzles or riddles. These are all fantastic ways of keeping your brain fresh and always thinking.


Healthy Diet

This may seem like the most obvious choice on the list, but it can be easily forgotten. It is also the easiest aspect of your life to change. If you’ve led a life full of fast food and frequent stops at restaurants, why not try to stay home and try your hand at cooking a nice healthy meal? Instead of those sugary and salty snacks, eat a fruit or a vegetable every on occasion. Managing calories, measuring your weight and being wary of your portion sizes are all daily tricks that can get you on the right track to a healthy life.


We all age. We will all get older and we will notice that our bodies aren’t as strong, smooth and sturdy as they once were. But that does not mean that we need to assume the worst and allow time to pass us by. By keeping to these tips, anybody can lead a healthy and fit lifestyle in old age.


Also, make sure to read my other blogs on this site for tips, tricks, articles and other information that should help you stay fit at any age!


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