MapMyRun’s “How Runners Can Stay Fit When Injured “

MapMyRun recently published an article on how you can stay healthy when running, even after you’ve been injured.

Here’s an excerpt:

“If you’re one of the rare runners who have never been injured, consider yourself lucky.

Injuries afflict most runners at some point. When addressed early, many injuries can be remedied with rest and training plan adjustments. But more serious injuries may require weeks or months away from running.

How can you best stay fit during all that time off?

No athlete wants to be sidelined by an injury. Running may be what you love best, but try to use time away from the sport to help yourself come back stronger.

Both endurance-oriented cross-training and strength work can be used to maintain your aerobic fitness and strengthen the supportive structures that help you run injury-free.

Certain types of cross-training such as pool running, cycling and the elliptical are the most running-specific, meaning your fitness translates most readily to running. Other types of cross-training, such as strength training, swimming and yoga, are more complementary to running. Always follow your doctor’s guidelines as to what type of cross-training is suitable to your injury and recovery process.”

In order to read the full article, make sure to click the link.


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