MapMyRuns’ “How Tempo Training Helps You Run Faster, Longer”

Hello my fellow runners,

I’m here with another blog from MapMyRun. This blog deals with the importance of tempo running and how it can help you run longer. This can certainly be beneficial during long races. Here’s an excerpt:

“Race season is in full swing, but even if you don’t intend to cross a finish line, training as if you do could net you better runs and a higher calorie burn. Enter tempo training — one of the tricks competitive runners use to increase distance and speed. For you, tempo training can help you push your intensity without emptying your tank.”

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Rep Your Borough with New Balance

New York Road Runners and New Balance have joined forces to bring you some of the best looking, and performing, running shoes you could ever want. The new series of shoes are specifically designed to allow you to represent your New York City borough with style. The series boasts a host of colors for each borough, Brooklyn red, Manhattan yellow, Bronx teal, Staten Island blue and orange, and Queens purple. The series also features matching shirts and hats.

Are you ready to represent your borough at any one of New York’s upcoming events? For more information or to purchase your own pair, click here!

MapMyRun’s “The Ultimate Guide to Summer Running”

Hello all,

With summer coming closer to an end, I figured I would try to motivate you all to make the most of the remaining warm weeks ahead of us. Here is a blog from MapMyRun that offers the ultimate summer running guide. Here is an excerpt:

“Here’s some good news for rookie runners battling your first round of training in the summer heat: It is possible to effectively train and race during the summer. There are, of course, considerations to be made for running in intense heat. However, as long as you take the right precautions, summer running can actually make you a stronger fall and winter runner.”

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