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Alexi Harding is a finance professional based out of New York City. His years of experience, hard work and innovation have made him a thought leader and respected member of his industry. Although Alexi has traveled to several parts of the world, for both business and personal reasons, he has only ever found one place to call home: New York City. Alexi has always been fond of the electric buzz that NYC gives off. It’s diverse culture, wealth of opportunity and history has always intrigued Alexi. And although he has lived in the city for several years, he is still always surprised to learn something new about his home.

Although he is an avid worker, when he isn’t working, Alexi Harding can be found traveling the streets of New York, enjoying everything that it has to offer. From its small eateries to its endless number of shops and stores, if there is something fun to do or see, you can bet Alexi will be there.

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