How to Get Youth Interested in Running

I’ve been running for quite some time now and I must say, I love it. It keeps me healthy and has allowed me to make great new connections, both personal and professional. As you get older, you quickly begin to realize that focusing on your health is a major priority. When you’re younger, sometimes your health isn’t your main focus. And that can lead to unhealthy lifestyles and health risks in the future. That is why it is imperative to get children into healthy activities as early as possible. So how exactly can you get your children into running? Here are a few ways.


Take them to a fun running event

The beauty of running is that it can be utilized in a variety of different ways. Of course there are your standard marathons that focus solely on the running aspect, but there are also multiple types of marathons and racing events throughout the world, all with their own defining characteristics and qualities that make them a bit more fun and palatable to younger audiences. If you are trying to get your child interested in running, you might want to refrain from a traditional marathon at first. Instead, look into something like a color run or a zombie run. Color runs are running events that put a heavy emphasis on having fun. Thousands of participants run a 5K trail and are doused in colored powder throughout. By the end of the event, thousands of runners are drenched in a variety of vibrant colors. Color runs even feature a small party afterwards where participants can continue to douse each other in color. Zombie runs feature all the terror and thrills of being chased by a zombie without the actual threat. If your child loves shows like The Walking Dead or movies like Zombieland, a zombie run is a great way to let your child act out their fantasies! There are dozens of other kinds of events that make the running experience a bit more fun.


Make running fun

If there aren’t any fun pre-planned running events near you, you can also make the general act of running fun on your own. Create an objective for the run or give it a fantastical element. Set up an obstacle course and pretend that your child is the last warrior who can save the world by running through the obstacle course. Adding elements like this will make your child forget that they are exercising and solely focus on the fun they are having. Or you could set up something of a scavenger hunt and plant some riddles and hidden items. This not only exercises your child’s body, but also their mind.


There are several different ways to make your children have fun while running. In today’s world, children are bombarded with reasons to stay home and eat; video games, fast food and social media all play a major role in creating a sedentary lifestyle for children. As parents, it is your duty to break your children free of those shackles and to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.