MapMyRun’s “How to Choose the Right 5K for You”

Choosing the right 5K can be difficult, especially if you’re a novice. Luckily, MapMyRun has written an article that can help make that choice a bit easier.

Here is an excerpt:

“Running is simple: Put one foot in front of the other. Go as fast as you can, as long as you can. Boom — you’re running.

Yet, there are all kinds of reasons not to do it. Fear. Laziness. A lack of desire. Injuries, illness, not having a place to run to. And then there’s the biggest reason not to do it: You don’t have a concrete reason to do it.

I’ve struggled with this off and on over the past few years, ever since I started running with some regularity. I’ve never had any long-term purpose or goal, so I’ve been trapped in a yearslong cycle of making progress and then backsliding. So this year, I decided to create a humble goal for myself: run a 5K sometime within the first three months of 2018.”

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MapMyRun Workout Report: 2/21/18

Hey everyone! It’s been a long time since I’ve shared one of my weekly reports with you, but I’ve got some free time and I figured I would get back to it! Here is my workout report for 2/21/18:

Workout: Run
Date: Feb 21, 2018
Distance: 5.50 mi
Duration: 52:10

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MapMyRun’s “The Most Common Running Injury Will Surprise You”

When running, there are a host of potential injuries that can come your way, each one worse than the last. However, this recent MapMyRun blog details the most common injury among runners, and it may surprise you.

Here’s an excerpt:

“When people find out you’re a runner, one of the first things you probably hear is something along the lines of, “Better take care of your knees!” It’s quite the misconception that every runner will have knee issues at some point; and actually knee injuries aren’t the injury runners experience most.

That isn’t to say knee injuries don’t happen. In fact, chiropractor Marc Taczanowski a certified strength and conditioning specialist, with experience in sports medicine, injury prevention and management at True Sport Care, says they are some of the more common injuries experienced. “Common injuries in running include, but are not limited to, iliotibial band (ITB) syndrome, patellar tracking issues, runner’s knee, Achilles tendinosis and plantar fasciitis,” he explains.”

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