MyFitnessPal’s “4 Reasons Why Your Cardio Addiction Won’t Help You Lose Weight”

Hello all,

Here is a fantastic article for all of you runners out there! As the title suggests, the blog gives 4 reasons why cardio won’t necessarily help you lose weight. Here’s an excerpt:

“Minute-per-minute, you might burn more calories on the elliptical than you will in the weight room, but those calories will come from carbs, fat and protein — that’s right, the building blocks for muscle. And muscle is not what you want to lose if your goal is to reduce body-fat percentage, explains California-based personal trainer Mike Donavanik, CSCS.”

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6 Calorie Burning Exercises

For those of you who want to burn some extra calories during overdrive, this article from MyFitnessPal offers 6 exercises that should do the trick! Here’s an excerpt:

“If your health, fitness, or body composition goals involve fat-burning or losing weight, after working on your nutrition, you’re going to want to focus on fitness routines tailored to those goals. In most cases this means regular workouts that involve exercises that burn calories and build muscle. Most people immediately associate cardio with calorie-burning, and they’re not wrong, exactly—in the moment, cardio can burn more calories than strength training. But the truth is that strength training also plays a critical role in calorie-burning, because the more lean muscle you have, the more calories you burn while at rest.”

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