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Gear Up

Before the TCS New York City Marathon, you’ll certainly want to gear up with the latest running gear. Check out the fantastic new official gear for the event from New Balance! See the catalogue here!


Rep Your Borough with New Balance

New York Road Runners and New Balance have joined forces to bring you some of the best looking, and performing, running shoes you could ever want. The new series of shoes are specifically designed to allow you to represent your New York City borough with style. The series boasts a host of colors for each borough, Brooklyn red, Manhattan yellow, Bronx teal, Staten Island blue and orange, and Queens purple. The series also features matching shirts and hats.

Are you ready to represent your borough at any one of New York’s upcoming events? For more information or to purchase your own pair, click here!

Alexi Harding - New Balance's "Spring Running in Brooklyn"/ NYRR Gear

New Balance’s “Spring Running in Brooklyn”/ NYRR Gear

Hello all!

New Balance recently released an article on the rising popularity of running in Brooklyn. It is a quick and fascinating piece. For the full article, click here!

Also, New York Road Runners (NYRR) and New Balance are putting their newest clothing on display for purchase. For all you New York City runners, make sure to check out their website and get some gear that represents your borough! Click here to purchase your official NYRR/New Balance equipment!

Alexi Harding NYRR and New Balance Team Up For Runners Everywhere

NYRR and New Balance Team Up For Runners Everywhere

New Balance and the New York Road Runners have teamed up in order to blend community running with the latest in athletic wear. Through their combined efforts, they have managed to serve over 430,000 people in exciting new ways! So if you have a passion for a healthy lifestyle and would like to benefit from running, then visit the New Balance/NYRR website for the latest in athletic apparel.

Alexi Harding NYRR and New Balance Team Up For Runners Everywhere