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Register for the Brooklyn Mile

The Brooklyn mile is fast approaching! In fact, it’s this weekend! There’s no time to delay. If you want to engage in a fun and exhilarating race with plenty of like-minded individuals looking for a great experience, make sure to register as soon as possible!

Both the Men’s and Women’s Open waves are filling up quickly, so hurry!

Hope to see you all there!

Here’s a link to register: Register Here.


NYRR 2019 Races

The New York Road Runners are gearing up for 2019’s races! Some of next year’s biggest races include:

  • NYRR Joe Kleinerman 10K
  • UAE Healthy Kidney 10K
  • United Airlines NYC Half

That’s only a small handful! There are well over 15 races scheduled throughout the year. If you’re interested in running, then look to sign up for one of these races by clicking this link.

To view the full calendar, click here.

MapMyRun’s “Scientific Proof That Running Lengthens Your Life”

MapMyRun has published an article that will have any runner in good spirits. According to scientific evidence, running helps to lengthen your lifespan.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

“If you’re looking to get active, running is an excellent all-purpose workout. Not only does it check the box for cardiovascular exercise, but you’ll also work all of your muscle groups — from your legs to core to upper back and more. Studies have shown that inactivity can be detrimental to your health, leading to development of chronic diseases — such as cardiovascular disease — and even early death. The good news is, however, that you don’t have to be a marathoner to reap the benefits of becoming a runner.”

To read the full article, make sure to click the link.

MapMyRun’s “Runners: Is One Side of Your Body Weaker Than the Other?”

As humans, we naturally have a dominant hand. This is the hand that we write with, shake hands, eat with, etc. But sometimes that can extend to other areas, like sports. More specifically, runners can have a dominant side, meaning that some runners have one strong side and one side that’s a bit weaker.

MapMyRun’s blog recently wrote an article on the topic.

Here’s an excerpt:

“If you’re a runner, hopefully you’re already wise to the advantages of doing regular strength workouts. But, while strength training is key for doing well in any activity, there’s a type that’s especially critical for runners: unilateral strength training.

According to Lauren Loberg, DPT, board-certified clinical orthopedic specialist with TRIA Orthopaedic, the top benefit of performing unilateral strength exercises — like single-leg squats and deadlifts — is you’re training your body to meet the demands of your sport. After all, running is a single-leg activity, so it only makes sense that you would benefit from moves that shore up your single-leg strength, stability and coordination.”

To read the full article, click here!

Important Information For Brooklyn Half 2018

Hello all,

I trust you’re all ready and eager for the Brooklyn Half on Saturday! I’ve received an email from NYRR about the race, offering some advice and timing information. I’ve provided some of the basics below:

  • Dress for wet weather. We will collect all discarded clothing and shoe coverings at the start and will provide heat sheets to all finishers at Coney Island.
  • Take time now to make your travel plans for race day and read about race-day essentials. Please take public transportation to the start and check MTA’s The Weekender and the PATH’s alerts and advisories for the latest mass transit updates. There is no parking at the start.
  • On race morning, please do not wait inside the subway stations near the start. This will create congestion for other runners arriving on trains behind you.
  • Please note that umbrellas are prohibited in the corrals and anywhere on the course. You will not be able to bring an umbrella through security screening or run with an umbrella. Review the list of prohibited items in our Rules of Competition.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to get to your wave start, allowing time to clear security checks and drop off your bag, if necessary.

To read even more information, click here!


Health Benefits of Running

For those of you who already run on a regular basis, you know just how beneficial it is to your health. But for those who do not run or are currently considering getting into running, you may not know just how amazing it is to run. Sure it can be tiring and difficult to do on a regular basis, but once you get past the initial hesitance, you will wonder how you ever lived without it. In the hopes of persuading those on the fence about joining our cause, I figured I would highlight some of the most important health benefits running offers.


Weight Loss

One of the more obvious benefits of running is weight loss. It’s usually the main reason people get into running in the first place. But many people do not realize that it is truly the best form of burning off those pesky calories (aside from cross-country skiing). It’s a great way of not only losing weight, but maintaining a consistent weight as well.


Prevent Depression

Depression is a serious affliction that affects millions of people in America alone. You wouldn’t think it at first, but running is a natural antidepressant. If you’re ever feeling sad, lonely or flat out depressed, why not go out for  a quick run? Or a long one, whichever works best for you. When running, the brain releases endorphins that will begin to pick you up. These are the same endorphins responsible for the well-known “runner’s high.” It should be noted that running is more than likely not a cure for severe depression, and should not be substituted for any prescribed antidepressant medication.


Strengthens Your Body

As with all forms of exercise, running will improve the strength of your body, or at least the muscles you will use during running. More specifically, running does a fantastic job on strengthening your knees. Don’t believe the myth that running will wear down your knees; it won’t. In fact, studies show that running does the exact opposite. It increases your bone mass and can help to prevent age-related bone loss.


Running is not only good for your health, it’s just plain fun. Go out there and enjoy the beauty of nature or run inside. Regardless of your venue, running is one of the greatest things you can do. Trust me, you’ll thank me later!

Alexi Harding Top 3 Running Events Left in the Year

Top 3 Running Events Left in the Year

Summer is almost over; we only have about two weeks until the chilly air of fall greets us. And although the year is almost over, there is still plenty of running left to be done. Don’t let the chilly weather intimidate or ruin your urge to run. Some of the greatest running events take place during the fall and winter, and I’m incredibly excited for them. So, in order to motivate my fellow runners out there, here are three of the best running events left in the year.


TCS New York City Marathon – November 5th

Originally founded as a small race in Central Park, the TCS New York City Marathon has grown into something much larger. It is the largest marathon in the world with over 51,000 finishers last year and a whopping 91,000+ applicants for this year’s race. If you are looking for the opportunity to meet some new people, have a fantastic tour through each of New York City’s five boroughs and get a great run in, then the TCS New York City Marathon is for you….and for me….as I happen to be signed up to tackle this challenge yet again this year.


Chicago Marathon – October 8th

Similar to the New York City Marathon, the Chicago Marathon is one of the largest marathons in the world and offers a great path through the city of Chicago. Due to its affiliation with large brand names, such as Bank of America, the marathon has enticed several elite and world runners who are looking to improve their records and earn some prize money. Last year’s race saw just over 40,000 finishers and this year marks the event’s 40th anniversary. So go on over to the Windy City and be a part of the 40-year history of one of the world’s greatest races.


Berlin Marathon – September 24th

This race is a bit tough to manage considering it takes place in less than two weeks and requires a trip to Germany. That being said, it is still one of the most respected and adored running events in the world. Last year’s race saw 46,000 finishers. Berlin is a beautiful place to be any time of the year, but it is even more beautiful during the fall.


Because these are large events and there isn’t much time until they take place, there is a high chance that you won’t be able to sign up for any of these events. That being said, you can always attend as an audience member and get a lay of the land to prepare for the marathon properly next year. Even if you can’t make it to any of these events, don’t be discouraged. Find a marathon that is close by that will allow you to get a good run in. Challenge yourself, be safe and have fun while doing it.

MapMyRun’s “The Sneaky 15-Second Trick to Boost Your Running”

With all of the running events coming up this fall season, runners are looking for ways to improve their running. MapMyRun has recently published an article that will give you an edge in the competition.

Here’s an excerpt:

“There’s a sneaky secret that can help make you faster — whether you’re a beginning runner or a pro marathoner. “Sprints can help any runner improve,” says USA Track and Field-certified running coach Carl Leivers, creator of Running Coach Carl. “They improve the coordination between your brain and muscles, creating more efficiency with your movements. And that efficiency helps you run faster across the board.””

To read the full article, click here!