MapMyRun’s “3 Common Strength Training Mistakes Runners Make”

MapMyRun has another fantastic blog detailing some of the most common strength training mistakes runners make. As a runner (or an athlete in general), it’s important to remember that your body has a limit and you can not overwork that limit. If you are training too hard or too often, then you need to correct your regimen accordingly.

MapMyRun’s blog offers some advice on how to avoid those mistakes. Here’s an excerpt:

“Strength training is such a critical piece of a runner’s training that it shouldn’t be considered cross-training: It’s just how runners prepare to run fast.

When you consider the enormous benefits of lifting weights, it’s a no-brainer to include it as part of your training. Here is a short list of positive results:

  • Reduced likelihood of injuries
  • More power and strength
  • Higher levels of neuromuscular coordination
  • More mitochondria and a faster finishing kick
  • Better running economy”

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MapMyRun’s ” The Best Strength Exercises for Runners”

Hello Everybody,

MapMyRun has published yet another fantastic article to help out any of you runners looking to improve your stamina and endurance. This blog centers mainly on some of the best strength exercises for runners. Building up your strength is crucial for any runner out there so make sure to read this one if you’re serious about your craft!

Here’s an excerpt:

“The variety of strength-training options are bewildering, so let’s simplify the process by focusing on two general areas. Within each, there are ways to increase the difficulty as you get stronger. Minimal equipment is needed, though there are a few options that are useful and allow for more variety in your routine.”

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