MapMyRun’s Workout Videos

Are you looking to take your workout routines to the next level? If so, then MapMyRun has got you covered. The site is currently offering a series of online videos that document proper workout techniques. Videos cover everything from cardio boxing to acro yoga.

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More Sweat = More Intense Workout?

CNN recently published a fascinating article about how profuse sweating does not necessarily mean that you are having a good workout. Here is an excerpt:

“Indeed, I’ve long regarded the sweatiness of my exercise sessions as a sign of how hard I was pushing myself. But it turns out I’ve been wrong: How much you sweat doesn’t necessarily correlate with how intense your workout is or how many calories you burn.”

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Alexi Harding Springtime

Spring is a Great Time to Workout Outdoors

I recently read this terrific TIME article that discusses why the spring time is the best time to begin taking your workout outdoors. Here is the abstract:

“When the weather thaws, the plants bloom and the days get longer, it’s spring—and the best time of the year to take your fitness regimen outside. Here are six research-backed perks of al fresco exercise. You work harder When people exercise outside, they tend to spend more time doing it. One study found that older people who were active outdoors did at least 30 minutes more moderate-to-vigorous physical activity per week than those who only did it inside. It also made them feel healthier.”

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