Youth Running Events

If you love running, then it’s only natural to want to expose others to the beauty of the sport. Children are the best audience to inspire, especially as they’re getting to learn what hobbies and activities they enjoy.

And if you’re looking for ways to engage youth with running, then NYRR has you covered, particularly in the Bronx. The New Balance Bronx 10-Mile is sure to be a crowd favorite, with games and activities for all to enjoy. If you’re interested, act soon, because the event is only 11 days away!

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The NYRR Youth Program

The New York Road Runners have always supported and promoted the community of the city. Now, they are looking to develop the young minds of New York City with their new youth program. Titled Rising New York Road Runners, the program will instill into youngsters the skills and qualities necessary for maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.

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