About Alexi Harding

With over 15 years of professional experience in financial services, Alexi Harding Professional Photo WordPressAlexi Harding serves as Senior Managing Director of The Opes Group, offering an innovative platform of concierge services to companies across industries.

Alexi is one of the financial industry’s most respected individuals. With his vast expertise, leadership abilities and laundry list of successes, Alexi has become a thought leader in his field.

After graduating from Ithaca College in 2002, Alexi Harding went to work in the financial services industry and quickly showed his prowess and understanding. Alexi has worked for several high-profile financial firms in the Greater New York City area, including New York Life Insurance Company, Mutual of Omaha and Clewed. After more than a decade of consistent success at these companies, Alexi took his education and experience and combined it with his entrepreneurial spirit to form the Opes Group, where he currently serves as the senior managing director.

Outside of finance, Alexi Harding can be found contributing to multiple charitable organizations both inside and outside of his local community.

Another one of Alexi’s biggest passions is running. He initially began working out just to improve his physical fitness, but he soon realized that with determination, discipline, and a social circle of like-minded peers, he could push himself further than he ever thought possible and truly “hit his stride.”

Now, Alexi is an avid runner who has participated in numerous competitive events, including the New York City Marathon. He is also involved with the New York Road Runners, as well as other running organizations throughout the City of New York. He believes that running is just as mentally strenuous as it is physically, and that a runner must conquer it mentally in order for his or her body to follow suit. To Alexi, every runner has a story. He’s ready to share his.

When not working or running, Alexi is usually either exploring New York City or learning about the city’s amazing philanthropic opportunities. Alexi is a firm believer in philanthropy and charity, and as such, spends most of his free time thinking of and looking for ways to assist his city. He also loves to explore the city and take in every square inch of its beauty. From tourist favorites such as Central Park and Times Square, to hidden gems like the Whispering Gallery or the Garden of Stones, Alexi Harding spends as much time as he can studying the greatest city in the world.

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