Helpful Strength Training Advice From Team Continuum

In preparation for the 2017 TCS NYC Marathon, Team Continuum has devised some helpful strength training tips. Here’s what they wrote:

With the lovely weather and extra daylight, comes a desire to workout! But training for the 2017 TCS NYC Marathon, is well, a marathon, not a sprint. So how should you use the months of May and June before the final 16 week push to the race starts?

Before you put yourself through the hard training for the marathon you want to be sound and strong in general. This is the time to work on pre-season strength training, a bit of running, and cardio cross training generally. Don’t over do the running just yet, as we don’t want injuries to develop. Rather by building functional strength now you will pre-hab, and prevent injuries while building strength and fitness for the race and training to come, allowing you to peak perfectly in November.

Aim for 3 to 6 workouts a week. Make 2 of them running, 2 of them strength training, and 2 of them fun cross training like cycling, hiking, rowing, spin classes, cardio machines, or swimming. For running focus on just having fun with it, maybe join people and be social and limit it to up to an hour at a pace that is not too hard. For those of you training with a heart rate monitor, that would be about 120-145 beats per minute. For those not using a heart rate monitor you want to go hard enough where you feel like you are working, but not so hard that you can’t talk.
For strength training, Coach Hirsch suggests functional strength work over more traditional gym workouts. This will allow you to focus on range of motion as well as the stabilizers and other muscles that will keep you safe and strong. Here are some of his favorite workouts – feel free to mix them up:

Functional strength designed by Coach Hirsch with no gym or equipment required

Functional Strength with dumbbells only

Functional Strength designed by Coach Hirsch with access to a gym:
Build to 3 x 20 reps of each in a circuit. 10 seconds only rest between each if possible. Keep heart rate up!
Multi-directional lunges
Push ups
Dumbbell / Kettlebell squats
Plank (30-60 seconds)
Swim stroke cable exercise
Walking lunges
Side planks (30-45 seconds each side)
Calf raises
Good mornings (lower back)

They’ve also included a helpful video that demonstrates techniques that should certainly get your body ready! Check it out below!


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